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From dream to reality


Where to start… well at the beginning I suppose.


Since a very early age I’ve always been interested, some would say obsessed with cars. This of course only got worse as I got older.


I got my first Midget when I was 16 which I spotted whilst on my paper round and I’ve still got that one after all these years. My second Midget was bought when I was 18 and this was the start of a buying/selling habit.


Over the years I’ve lost count of how many cars that my name has appeared on the logbook have. There have been some great cars with TVR’s and Mercedes being notable amongst them and there’s also been some dire ones which I’d rather not name! But a common thread has always been MG’s and I’ve always had at least 2 at any time with rather more than 2 at other times.


Anyway to cut to the main point of this, it was about 10 years ago that I bought my first MGF to replace my MX5. I’d still got 2 midgets at the time and thought an MGF would make a nice daily car whilst still having the badge appeal that I wanted. Several other MGF’s came and went in the ensuing years.


During this time I’d joined the Midget And Sprite Club and in particular the South Staffs North Birmingham area. Conversations on club nights led me to fitting a 5 speed type 9 gearbox into one of the Midgets – but then this was the beginning – seeds were sown for an engine conversion – Zetecs were the first consideration but this quickly turned to K-series engines. This then in itself led to the purchase and strip down of an MGF and the beginning of a build up of my K-midget. As I was building it, I was offered other MGF’s which were duly broken for parts and the proceeds put towards the K-Midget fund.


However, I did start to feel guilty about stripping half decent cars so began to look into getting them repaired and back on the road. This set further cogs whirring in my mind as to the future.


So in September 2013, I decided to put this experience to some use and set up Little British Sports Cars (a phrase which I borrowed from our American friends) The aim of LBSC back then was to buy and sell MGF’s, to put poorly MGF’s back on the road and to offer reasonably priced 2nd hand parts from those cars which are economically unviable to return to everyday use. I am also able to offer advice and prepared to just have a chat about MG’s in general if the chance arises.


However, you never move forwards by staying the same – my primary interest has always been with the “older” MG’s. So recently, I have become more involved in the sales of MGB’s, Midgets and Sprites as well as the occasional Triumph Spitfire.


This led to a discussion between my self and Rich Weaver (who I met through buying and selling Midget parts a few years back and who I became good friends with – due to our mutual interest in all things Octagonal) and we decided to pool our knowledge and resources to inject new enthusiasm into LBSC.

LBSC has since evolved into a partnership with a slightly different direction. Whilst still focussing upon classic MG’s and Austin Healeys, we are now sourcing Little British Sports Cars from the USA.


You may ask why, and of course there are several reasons. Firstly, the American market was much bigger than any other worldwide market for these cars and the vast majority of those manufactured were exported. Secondly, there are many areas of the USA which have a climate that is far kinder to these cars than the UK climate. This means that we are able to source 40+ year old cars with very sound bodies which makes them far easier to restore than the usual rusty car you may find in the UK.


This means that there are very exciting times ahead for LBSC!

Rich Weaver


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My love of classic cars stems from an early age -

My father introduced me to MG Midgets on a summer holiday when i was around 13 years old and my obsession began, since then i have owned and restored a number of classic mgs and triumphs

I currently have a 1973 mg midget which once belonged to my father, a modified1971 MGB roadster and a recent purchase of a 1972 Ford Capri 

I have a deep love and interest in these cars and i have a good knowledge base especially when it comes to originality.


I pride myself on being semi knowledgable on midgets and sprites and try to build my cars as factory correct as possible 


I have been invited to show my cars on numerious national classic car shows as well as featured in several magazines 


The launch of LBSC has given me the oportunity to take my pashion for classic cars to the next level and to share my love of these cars to other enthusiasts. 



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